How to Load Glo Card in Nigeria [2023 New Codes]

how to load glo card

Are you searching for how to load Glo card in Nigeria? Your online search has brought you to the right page. We are going to tell you how to recharge your Glo lines without stress.

It is no news that you cannot make calls or buy data plans without recharging your Glo line. This is why every Glo user should know how to load recharge cards on Glo and access lots of tariff plan offers.

You can also recharge your Glo line directly for data if you don’t want to go through the long route of recharging before buying data.

To find out how to load Glo card without stress, keep reading because we have all the information you need here.

New Update: As of 13th May 2023, MTN, Glo, Airtel, and 9mobile announced that there will be a harmonization of their codes for Airtime, Data, and other services. What this means is: you can use one code to recharge cards on MTN, Glo, Airtel, and 9Mobile. Instead of the procedure in this post, all networks will use *311#.

Once this update is complete every other code will no longer work. These new shortcodes by NCC are to help users remember a single code instead of several codes. Until the harmonization is complete, the codes on this post on how to load Glo card remains valid. Read on.

How to recharge Glo code

Golbacom Nigeria has responded to its users’ search for how to load Glo cards, by providing a short recharge code for them. To use this code, follow these simple steps;

  1. Buy a recharge card from a recharge card vendor
  2. Open it and ensure that the recharge card contains a 15-digit recharge pin
  3. On your phone app, dial *123*recharge digits# and send. For instance, if the 15-digit recharge pin on your card is 999998888877777, then dial *123*999998888877777# and send
  4. Your account balance will be credited with the amount you recharged if it was successfully done. You will also receive a message to confirm the success of your operation. 

Just to be sure, you can check your account balance.

How to load Glo card for data

If you are looking for how to load Glo card for data, Globacom Nigeria has provided a short code for you to do that. While so many other network providers are still struggling to provide a short code for their users to load recharge cards directly to data, Glo has gone a step ahead. 

If you want to load Glo card for data, go to your phone app and dial *223*Recharge Digits# and send. You will automatically purchase a data plan worth your exact recharge. This method works well for those that do not want to pass through the process of loading a card before buying data.

On the other hand, Globacom Nigeria always gifts its users with lots of data bonuses, especially if you are a new Glo subscriber. So if you are new to the Glo network, you can just load your recharge card directly because Globacom will surely give you a mouth-watering bonus. 

How to load Glo card and get a bonus 

For all Glo users looking for how to load Glo cards for a bonus, keep reading to find out. 

There is a special code for Glo users to recharge their lines with and get 5 times their recharges. To access this 500% bonus, dial *555*Recharge Digits# and send. You will be credited with 5 times your recharge. 

You can also recharge directly from your bank when you dial your bank’s USSD code and follow the prompts to recharge your mobile lines. 


Most time you may want to carry out a task but you don’t know how to go about it, this section answers all the questions you may have on Glo self services. Click on any FAQ that answers another query you might have on how to use your Glo line services.


In this article, we have covered how to load Glo recharge card. All the steps we have shared here today are the steps that we have used several times before now and they are all still viable. So you can use any one of them at all times. 

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