How to Hide Number on MTN [2023 New Update]

how to hide number on mtn

If you are looking for how to hide number on MTN to prevent the person you are calling from knowing your ID, then you have come to the right place. Every day, lots of people keep searching for ways to hide their caller ID, which is why we have decided to put up this post. To help you protect your privacy while calling people on phone.

Why People Hide their Number

Before we dive into how to hide number on mtn, let’s talk about why people hide their numbers. We researched to know why people hide their phone numbers while making calls and we have come to the conclusion that it is very necessary to do so at times. People hide their caller ID on MTN Nigeria for several reasons. Some people hide their number to deliver a message without being associated with the message.

Sometimes, they do not want the person they are calling to reach them back, so they call the person anonymously. And the moment the call is dropped, the person will not be able to call them back.

Ever thought of surprising that person that is busy avoiding your calls? You can give the person a call and the person would pick up, not knowing that you are the one calling him/her. Some people do it for fun too.

Whichever reason you might have for wanting to know how to hide numbers on MTN, we are here to help you do that.

Ways to hide number on MTN

The following ways are tested and trusted ways on how to hide number on MTN ;

  • Call settings
  • Through USSD code.

Call Settings

These are the steps on how to hide number on MTN through your call settings;

  1. Locate the call icon on your phone screen and click on it. this is where you make calls
  2. By the right corner on top of your screen, you will find three dots. Click on the dots and you will see options to select from.
  3. Select settings and click on it.  you will see more options under settings.
  4. Click on the calling account to select the particular sim you want to block. This is because we usually have more than one sim card in a phone.
  5. After selecting the sim, click on additional settings. This will show you the caller ID option.
  6. Click on the caller ID and select ‘hide number’ or ‘disable caller ID’. This will hide your number from anyone you are calling with that particular sim.

To reverse it, you will have to set it back to ‘show number’ or ‘enable caller ID before your ID can be revealed to the people you are calling. To do this, go back to the settings, just the same way you did while trying to hide your number on MTN.

Through USSD code

There are two ways to hide number on MTN using USSD code. You can use the USSD code without a number or the USSD code with a number.

USSD code without a number

When you use the general USSD code to hide a number on MTN, your number will be hidden from anybody you call. It is way faster than going through the call setting. All you need to do is to dial #31# using the sim that you want to hide the ID.

To show that you have successfully known how to hide number on mtn, you will get a notification, showing that you have successfully disabled your caller ID.

To reverse this, just dial the same code #31# and send. You will receive another notification, confirming that you have enabled your caller ID.

USSD code with a phone number

This is how to hide number on MTN whenever you want to call a particular person without wanting to disable your caller ID generally. Just dial the general code and the person’s phone number. For example, dial #31#08060444444 and send. This will hide your caller ID only for that particular person you are calling, your caller ID will appear as a ‘private number’ on the person’s phone. This also answers the question ‘how to hide number on MTN on iPhone and
how to hide number on Android.’

With this method, you don’t have to worry about reversing the process because it’s just for the moment. When you dial the number again without the code, your caller ID will be sent to the person.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the code to hide number on MTN?

The code to hide number on MTN is #31#. Dial #31#to hide your number from all your callers or dial it with a phone number to hide your number from that particular person.

How can I hide my MTN number in Nigeria?

You can hide your MTN number in Nigeria by dialing #31# or by going to call settings on your phone to disable caller ID.

How to unhide number on MTN?

The code to hide phone number is #31#. Simply Dial #31# to hide your number on MTN and dial #31# again to unhide your number.

Final Thought

We all want to hide our callers’ IDs sometimes, because of one reason or the other. No matter what your reasons for wanting to know how to hide number on MTN, we have got you covered. Just follow these tips and enjoy your anonymous call experience.

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