How to Hide Number on Glo in 2023: New Codes

How to Hide Number on Glo

If you are a Glo user reading this, and probably wondering how to hide number on Glo, you have just landed on the page with all the pieces of information you need to successfully hide your number from the person you are calling.

We all like to surprise that person that has decided not to pick up our calls again by hiding our numbers and calling the person. We also hide our numbers when we do not want particular information to be linked to us. So we remain anonymous. 

How to hide my number to call someone  

All your online search on how to hide number on Glo has come to an end today. Because we are going to share with you all the easy steps that you can follow to remain anonymous when you make phone calls. So, read on to find out.

There are many methods you can employ, to hide numbers on Glo sim this year, 2023. They are through the USSD code and your phone settings.

Code to hide number 

This is how to hide number on Glo sim using the USSD code. Go to your phone app and dial #31# and send it. A message will automatically pop up on your screen, informing you that your caller ID for all outgoing calls has been disabled.

This is the easiest method that people searching for how to hide number on Glo always end up going for. You can hide your number on Glo within a minute by dialing this USSD code. 

#31# private number 

Now that you have learned how to hide number on Glo sim using the #31# code, remember that dialing the code will hide your number from anyone you call. But you can use the #31# private number code to hide your number from only one person. 

To do this, dial #31#phone number# and send. For instance, if you want to hide your number and call 08075555777, you can dial #31#08075555777# and send. This will only hide your number to call the number once. 

How to hide numbers on android

Here is another tip on how to hide number on Glo sim. Apart from the code to hide numbers on Glo, there is another method of hiding numbers on Glo, which is through your phone settings. If you are an android user, then let’s dive into the details;

Open phone settings and select ‘call settings 

  • From the options displayed on your screen, select ‘additional settings
  • Another set of options will appear on your screen, from the options, choose ‘caller ID’
  • Next, choose ‘hide number’, and your number will be hidden from any number that you call henceforth.


  • Open the ‘call icon’ (the place you check for your call history)
  • You will find three vertical lines on the top, by the right side of the screen. Click on it.
  • Or from the drop-down screen icons, click on settings.
  • Select ‘calling accounts’. If you are using multiple sim cards, just select the particular Glo sim that you desire to hide. 
  • Select ‘additional information’. And from there, select caller ID.
  • Select ‘hide number’ and your number will be hidden, starting from your next call. 

If you are using a smaller phone, you can still hide your Glo number. So if you wish to know how to hide numbers on Glo sim using a smaller phone, here it is.

Just open your call settings and follow the easy steps to select ‘hide number’

How to remove hide number on Glo sim via code

After reading how to hide number on Glo sim, you may want to learn how to remove hide numbers on Glo sim. Because if you fail to do this, then your number will be hidden from anyone that you call. And we are sure that you do not want to hide your number from everyone.

So we want you to know how to remove the hidden number on Glo sim. To send your caller ID on Glo after hiding it via USSD code, follow these steps.

Open your phone app and dial *31#. Send it. Your network provider will send you a message, telling you that your caller ID for outgoing calls has been enabled. 

How to remove hide number on Glo through phone settings 

If you hide your number on Glo sim via your phone app and you want to remove it, follow these easy steps;

  • Open your phone setting, and click on ‘call settings
  • Next, select ‘additional settings’ and from the options on your screen, click on ‘caller ID’ 
  • From there, select ‘show number’. And your caller ID will be enabled once again.  

It is the same procedure that you followed to hide numbers that you will also follow to remove the hide number service on your Glo sim. 



We all have one reason or the other to hide our numbers from the people we are calling. This is why lots of people will keep searching for tips on how to hide number on Glo sim. But, if you are a Glo user, you can follow any of the tips we have provided here, to remain anonymous while calling certain people on the phone.

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