How to Get Free Data on MTN in Nigeria 2023

how to get free data on mtn

Looking to learn how to get free data on MTN? If yes, this post has something for you. Here we did be looking at how you can get data on MTN for free. 

Due to the high cost of MTN data in Nigeria, it is not surprising that so many Nigerians are always looking for ways to get free MTN data. As most netizens often quote, “data is life,” so it is very important in our world today as it keeps people connected on the internet. 

In Nigeria, the price of mobile data has increased rapidly over the years, which a high percentage of smartphone users find unaffordable. In view of this, I did show you the various ways on how to get data on MTN for free. Yes, for free! 

How To Get Free Data On MTN Without Recharging

If you are interested in knowing how to get free data on MTN without recharging or buying data on your MTN line, there are about 4 different legit ways I know of, through which you can enjoy MTN data without paying a dime. 

1. Upgrading your MTN Sim To 4G

One of the best ways to get free data on MTN is by upgrading your 3G MTN sim card to 4G. MTN rewards every user who upgrades their sim card to 4G with 4GB of free MTN data. 

Apart from this, the benefit of upgrading your sim card to 4g is not farfetched, as you get to enjoy a faster Internet speed. To upgrade your sim card to 4G, simply visit any MTN office with your NIN slip or any other known ID and your sim card. In just a few minutes, they did get it done for you, and you did receive 4 GB of free data from MTN as a welcome reward. 

2. Using Ayoba App

Ayoba is a very popular social app that is known to give free daily data. Once you’ve downloaded the app and signed up, you can start receiving up to 20 MB of free data every day. You can also get as much as 750 MB per week and even more when you refer your friends to sign up. 

3. Using MymtnApp 

Using MyMTN app, you can get a lot of free data. Once you have installed the app from Play Store and signed up, you will receive 200 MB of free data. Additionally, when you refer your friends and they download and sign up for the app, you receive 200 MB for every friend you refer. 

4. StarkVPN app

This is one amazing VPN app that lets you browse the Internet for free. Fortunately, it’s not only for MTN users; every mobile network user can enjoy free browsing once they are connected to the app. All you have to do is go to Play Store and install the app, select your preferred network and data on the tweak list, and connect. You can browse for a whole day with the new MTN Unlimited tweak. 

Free Data Code

Free data codes are another way to get free data on MTN without paying a dime. This has been very popular for years, and I could recall that MTN once faced a decline in sales due to these leaked free data codes. 

However, not all free data codes are actually correct or work; some might work for a short time and stop working due to the increase in the number of people dialing the codes and seeking different means on how to get free data on MTN. Below, is a free data codes that you can dial to get up to 120 GB of data for free. 

  • Dial *343*5*0#
  • From the list of options displayed, select 7.
  • Now, dial this code: *121*1*1#.
  • After dialing the code, you will receive 120 GB of data.

N/B: The code is no longer working for now; visit this website soon to get new working codes. 

How To Get Free Data On MTN App

Here’s how to get free data on Mtn with the official Mtn app, called the MyMtn app. 

By Installing Mymtn app 

  • Install Mymtn app from Play Store
  • Sign up with your MTN phone number.
  • Once you’ve signed up, you will receive 200 MB of free data as a sign-up reward. 

Using referral 

After you must have exhausted or almost exhausted your free 200 MB sign-up bonus. You can still get up to 2GB per day with the app by inviting your friends who have yet to install it to install it and sign up on the app. Each completed signup by your friends gets the both of you 200 MB of free data. You can refer up to 10 friends in a day, so you have a chance of getting 2 GB every day.


MTN Data Cheat

Before now, you could get free data up to 10 GB with cheat codes, which is almost the same as free data codes. However, the era is long gone now as MTN has put in place measures to put a stop to the existence of cheat codes, which of course is bad business for them. Though some people still go about sharing codes, which mostly turn out to be fake. 

You also need to be careful about the codes you dial on your phone to avoid being banned by MTN and for security reasons. It’s advisable you make use of other alternatives in this post, which can guide you on how to get free data on MTN legitimately. 

Bottom line

There are some other ways on how to get free data on MTN. So many of these are third-party apps. You need to be careful of them because some of these apps or websites are phishing apps. The ones I listed in this post are ones I know are safe ways of getting free MTN data. 

It is also pertinent to know that you cannot depend on free data all the time; the purpose of this post is to save you some money as you can only get limited data from these means. We hope you visit this website again for more updates.

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