How to Convert MTN Bonus to Data

how to convert mtn bonus to data

Are you looking for how to convert MTN bonus to data? You may have received so many airtime bonuses from MTN lately that it has become too much for only phone calls.

Once MTN airtime bonuses become too much that you might not be able to exhaust them on phone calls before they expire, the topic of this post comes to mind: how to convert MTN bonus to data.

In our world today, people consume more data than airtime. Some people hardly make phone calls anymore; they either make a call through Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp if a call is necessary.

Now that MTN has given you an airtime bonus that you might not be able to finish before the expiry date, converting it to data is the next thing you are considering. And that’s exactly why I put up this post: to teach people how to convert MTN bonus to data. Read on if you want to know if its possible.

How To Convert MTN YouTube Bonus To Data

Many people often receive notifications of YouTube bonuses given to them by MTN. Some persons may urgently need the data for something else, but unfortunately, there’ll be data, but you can only access YouTube.

What if I told you that you could actually convert the YouTube bonus to general data? Yes, all you have to do is buy a data bundle, be it daily, weekly, or monthly, as you can afford.

I’m sorry to disappoint you, but you can’t convert YouTube bonuses into real data. I guess even other telecom companies are yet to have such features, let alone MTN, which is number one in Nigeria. So, just find a way to get data or borrow from MTN.

The YouTube bonus can still be useful in its own way; at least you can watch YouTube for free till it finishes.

How To Convert MTN Bonus To Data

Now let’s talk about how to convert MTN bonus to data. This is the main topic. It’s obvious too many airtime bonuses on your phone caused you to be here. Well, it’s not possible to convert MTN bonuses to data.

The only thing that looks similar and can be converted to data is MTN pulse points. You can check out some of our other posts to see how that works.

How To Convert MTN Bonus Points To Data

If there’s anything called MTN bonus point, then you are talking about MTN pulse points. This is MTN’s way of rewarding customers for frequently purchasing its services.

You receive points when you buy data, airtime, or make phone calls. One MTN pulse point equals N1, so you can buy data with them when you’ve gathered enough. Here is how to convert MTN bonus to data using MTN points:

  • Dial *406#
  • Select option 7, which represents MTN pulse points in your list of options
  • Now, reply with 1 to redeem the data bundle. You did see a list of data bundles (daily, weekly, or monthly); select anyone you want
  • Now choose the amount you want to purchase, but it should not be more than what’s in your pulse point balance.

How To Convert MTN Bonus Data To Real Data

Bonus airtime doesn’t last at all, and bonus data can sometimes be used only for specific website browsing. I want to show you how to convert MTN bonus to data, not just data but real data.

Real data is more enjoyable than bonus data. Anyways, we are talking about converting the MTN airtime bonus to real data so that when you check your balance, you won’t see the word “bonus” in it. But wait, does it make any sense at all?

Unfortunately, the service is impossible; there’s no way to convert bonuses to real or even fake data. Just go for a daily plan, which is cheaper, or get the Ayoba app to receive 20 MB of data daily.

Bottom Line

Too many bonuses can prompt one to look for possible means on how to convert MTN bonus to data. However, it’s not possible at all. It’s a common search on Google among Nigerians; even I have done it in the past.

Now, this is the plain answer: “It cannot work.” Of course, you’ll still see some self-acclaimed online guru advising you to dial some codes to get it done, but you need to be careful. Not all codes should be dialed; some can be malicious or used for fraud. That’s my 2 cents for you.

Hopefully, MTN will make it possible in the future; I’ll be among the first to post it. Visit again for more useful updates.

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