How to Convert MTN Airtime to Cash [2023 Fastest method]

how to convert mtn airtime to cash

Looking to learn how to convert MTN airtime to cash? If yes, then you are on the right track, as this article will show you how to convert MTN airtime to cash in just a few minutes.

As an MTN user, sometimes a friend or relative might send you airtime, but that might not be what you needed at that moment. Perhaps you really needed money instead. Then, you tried finding someone to buy the airtime from you, but unfortunately, no one agreed to buy it. Hence, you start pondering on these questions: Does MTN make provisions for its customers to convert MTN airtime back to cash? Is it even possible?

Well, it is possible, and MTN has that provision indirectly already, and in fact, there are multiple ways to convert your airtime back to cash. The provision I mentioned by MTN is called MTN Share N Sell.

MTN Share N Sell is a service that’s available to all MTN users who wish to sell their airtime for cash. With this service, you can share up to N5,000 worth of airtime with your prospective buyer in exchange for cash.

Note that this service is for already-loaded airtime on your phone.

Here’s how it works:

You get a friend or colleague to buy the airtime, which you then transfer to the person using *321#. Then he or she pays you in cash or into your bank account. 

How To Convert Airtime To Cash In Your Bank Account

If you want to know how to convert MTN airtime to cash and have the money transferred straight to your bank account, the best way is to use a third-party app or website that allows conversion of airtime to cash.

Most of these platforms are VTU portals; they sell airtime, data, scratch cards, and cable subscriptions at cheap rates. Conversion of airtime to cash is another service offered by some of them.

Here is how to convert MTN airtime to cash using third-party apps:

  1. Sign up on any of these platforms: Tingtel, Aimtoget, or CheetahPay by downloading the app from the Play Store.
  2. Sign in and look for the “Airtime to Cash” icon in the user interface.
  3. Follow the procedures by inputting the phone number you want to transfer from as well as the network.
  4. Fill in your bank account details in the space provided.
  5. Copy the phone number you’ll be transferring to from the interface.
  6. Make the transfer of the airtime amount using *321# and go back to the app to confirm you’ve sent the airtime to the said phone number.
  7. Once it has been confirmed, usually within a few minutes, you’ll be sent the money to your bank account.

Note that you can’t receive the same amount of airtime as the airtime you transferred. You will see how much you’d be charged on the app when making the transaction. Also, the process explained here might differ a little in some apps, but the details needed will be the same (phone number and account number).

How To Convert MTN Airtime To Cash In Nigeria

How to convert MTN airtime to cash is simple; just look for a colleague or friend that can buy your airtime. Let’s say the person may have intended to buy airtime elsewhere later that day. If you have enough to sell, tell the person you have airtime to sell on your phone. If he/she agrees, transfer the airtime using *321# and get cash in return.

MTN Share N Sell allows you to transfer up to N5000 worth of airtime from your line daily. You can also visit any MTN outlet near you; I’m sure they’ll buy the airtime from you and may charge a little sum for buying it. 

Convert Airtime To Cash Without Charges

Learning how to convert MTN airtime to cash is good, but do you understand that it comes with a charge? If you are using a third-party app for the transaction, you are definitely not going to receive the same amount as your airtime.

Most times, the third-party website or app might charge up to 25%. So it’s left for you to choose if that’s convenient for you. If you are not, you can try using the MTN share N sell method. That’s if you are able to get a friend or colleague to buy the airtime from you.

Code To Convert Airtime To Cash

There are actually no straight codes to convert MTN airtime to cash. If you are converting to cash using MTN Share N Sell or a third-party app, what you are going to be using is the code for MTN data share.

Here’s how to convert MTN airtime to cash using codes.

N/B: If you don’t have a transfer pin already, you need to set it. Dial *321*2# and follow the prompt. The default or old pin for new users is 0000. Use this to get a new transfer pin.

Now to transfer airtime on MTN Share N Sell, follow this:

  • Dial *321#
  • Select option 1, which is for airtime transfer.
  • Input the phone number you intend to transfer to.
  • Type in amount 
  • Input your transfer pin.
  • Press send. 



There are multiple ways to convert MTN airtime to cash. MTN Share N Sell is one of them, as it allows you to transfer to buyer of your airtime.  You can also use third-party apps like aimtoget and cheetahpay to get the money sent straight to your bank account. 

However, you should note that you might not get the actual value for your airtime using third-party apps, and you’ll definitely be charged at least 15% to 20%, depending on the app. Hope you now know how to convert MTN airtime to cash. Visit again for more useful updates.

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