How to Check Glo Balance [2023 New Codes]

How to Check Glo Balance

You are probably a Glo user that is looking for how to check Glo balance, and that is why you are reading this. We all know how annoying it can be for you to want to check your credit balance on Glo and not be able to do so because you cannot remember the code to do so.

Sometimes you may want to go online to download files but you are unsure of how to check Glo data balance. To ensure that your internet activities will not be interrupted because of low data.

That is why we are going to provide all the information that you need on how to check Glo balance. So keep reading to find out 

How to check Glo data balance

There are several ways to check Glo balance for data. Some of these methods do not require airtime or data to check. While the other may require little data. But all the methods that we are going to share with you are the ones that we have used.

So we know the extent to which each method works. The methods of checking Glo data balance are through USSD code, online, and through SMS. 

How to check Glo data balance via USSD code 

This is how to check Glo balance for data using USSD code. 

  1. Open your phone app, dial *127*0#, and send it using your Glo line. Your Glo data balance details will be shown on your screen. 
  2. Alternatively, you can choose to follow the longer route by dialing *777#.
  3. Follow the prompts and select 2. 
  4. Some options will be shown on your screen, select 4 to check your Glo data balance.
  5. Your network provider will send the details of your data balance to your phone.

How to check Glo data balance online

If you want to know how to check Glo balance online, then you need the Glo Café app. You can easily get this app from App Store or Play Store. Download and install it first if you don’t have it already and follow these steps to check your data balance.

  • If you just downloaded it for the first time, open the app and click on ‘new user’
  • Register the app with your Glo phone number and you will be guided to request an OTP
  • Input the OTP code sent to your Glo line and press ‘next’
  • You will be requested to set up your pin or password. Use a unique digit combination that you can remember the next time you want to open the app.
  • When all these are done, you will see your dashboard on the app, click on it and all your Glo balance will be shown to you, both airtime and data.
  • On the other hand, if you already have the app, then just press the ‘existing user’ 
  • Input your phone number 
  • Input your pin next 
  • And your Glo balance will be available for you to view on your dashboard. 

How to check Glo data balance via SMS

For those of you that have been waiting for the details on how to check Glo balance for data via SMS, we have finally arrived there. you can check your data balance on Glo very quickly using the very fast SMS method. 

To do this, open your messaging app and type INFO as a message, and send it to 127. 

An SMS with details of your Glo data balance will be shown to you, including the expiry date for your data plan.

How to check Glo bonus balance

We all love bonuses, and we would also love to know what is left of our bonus after using a part of it. keep reading to find out how to check Glo balance for a bonus.

If you want to check your bonus data on Glo, dial *122# and follow the prompt. Alternatively, you can go through the shorter route by dialing *122*2# and send. Details of your balance will be sent to your phone.

How to check Glo airtime balance via SMS

Let’s talk about how to check Glo balance for airtime. All these while, we have been on how to check Glo balance for data. Checking for your airtime balance on Glo is very easy as it requires you to dial just a simple USSD code. 

To check your airtime balance on Glo, dial *124# and send. Follow the next prompt and press 1, your Glo credit balance details will appear on your screen.

Or dial *124*2# and send it. This code is automatic as you do not need to follow any prompt. Details of your Glo airtime balance will be sent to you. 

How to check Glo yakata airtime balance 

Bonus airtime is thrilling to use, but we have to keep track of the way we use it. To ensure that we are not spending too much of it at a go. This is why we need to check our bonus balance from time to time.

Globacom Nigeria has so many airtime bonus packages for its subscribers, and one of those packages is the Glo Yakata. To check your Glo Yakata airtime balance, dial *220*1# and send. Your network provider will send you details of your bonus balance. 

There are other bonus packages that you can check their balances too. For the Glo Campus Booster, dial *122*10#

For Glo Bumpa Package, dial *122*2#

For Glo Jumbo, dial *122*23#



As a Glo user in Nigeria, never get stranded when it comes to keeping track of your airtime or data usage. you can simply use any of the methods we have used and discussed here with you. They are still reliable.

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