How to Check 9mobile Number on Phone [New Code]

How to Check 9mobile Number

Some of us have found ourselves looking for how to check 9mobile number. Because we sometimes forget our 9mobile phone numbers especially when we just bought the sim card or we have not been using the sim card for long. Sometimes we may not even see any reason to remember the 9mobile number till we are asked to fill out a form or give out our numbers to someone.

In response to those searching for how to check 9mobile number on google every day, we have put up this post to help you get your 9mobile number whenever you need it urgently.

How to check Etisalat number

We have lots of tips and guidelines on how to check 9mobile number, which is also known as Etisalat number. These tips are;

  • Checking via a USSD code
  • Via the 9mobile app
  • Calling the customer service
  • By going through the 9mobile sim pack
  • By calling or texting a friend.

How to confirm 9mobile number through USSD code

This is the fastest and most stress-free method of checking 9mobile numbers. It is also free, so you don’t have to worry about any hidden charges. Here is how to check 9mobile number via USSD code;

  • Go to your phone app (the place you dial numbers)
  • Dial *248#, and send
  • Your 9mobile phone number will be sent to your phone immediately by your network provider.

Most people love this method because you can use it any day, any time. You can quickly dial this code when you find yourself in dire need of your 9mobile number and within seconds, you will get it.

How to view 9mobile number via the 9mobile app

This method is also very simple and helps you retrieve your 9mobile number within seconds. But to use this method to find your 9mobile number, you need to have installed the 9mobile app before now.

If you have the app already, open it, and you will see your phone number there. Ensure that it is the same 9mobile number that you registered the app with you are looking for. Because that is the only number that you will find there.

But if you haven’t installed the app yet, these guidelines on how to check 9mobile number via the app are not for you. You can still use other methods to check your 9mobile number and install the app later. To ensure that this simple method is available to you next time.

How to check 9mobile number via the customer service

Customer service is there to provide solutions to any problem that you might be experiencing with your 9mobile sim card. Including issues on how to check 9mobile number. When you call them to help you check your 9mobile number, the customer care representative will only be too glad to help you out with that.

You can get a sheet of paper and write down the number as they call it out for you. Or request that your number should be sent to your phone via an SMS. The SMS seems more advantageous because a sheet of paper can get missing easily.

The only drawback to this method of checking 9mobile number is that you can’t use this method when you are in urgent need of your 9mobile number. It is a slow but sure method because you can be sure that the customer care service will give you what you want. But you can’t trust them to pick up the moment you call them.

How to check 9mobile number via the sim pack

All the network providers in Nigeria sell their sim cards packaged in a sim pack. This sim pack contains all the necessary information about the sim you just purchased, including the phone number. So you can quickly check the back of the sim, to copy your 9mobile number that is written there.

While this method is reliable when you are thinking of how to check 9mobile number, it has a major drawback. You cannot use this method unless you have your sim pack with you. As so many of us hardly leave home with our sim packs, it is difficult to see people checking through their sim packs in public places like banks, just to fill out a form.

How to check 9mobile number via calling or texting a friend.

One of the ways tips on how to check 9mobile number is by calling or texting a friend. You can call a friend or family member and ask the person to send you the 9mobile number that you are using to call him/her. You can also send them a text, asking them to send you the number that you used to text him/her.

You can still make use of this method when your family or friends’ number is not connecting. You can quickly approach a stranger to help you out with that. Most people will not have problems with that since they are not using their airtime to do anything for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to check my 9mobile number through SMS

9mobile has not provided any number to send an SMS to, in order to check your 9mobile number.

Final Thought

We have all found ourselves in situations where we have to guess our 9mobile phone number. Maybe because we have not used the sim card for long or because the sim card is a new one. Whatever the reason may be, these tips that we have shared here on how to check 9mobile number work perfectly well.

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