How to cancel MTN caller tune [Updated]

How to cancel MTN caller tune

Looking for info on how to cancel MTN caller tune? Read on.

The MTN caller tune is one thing that you pay for without enjoying it directly, you pay to entertain your callers. This is always a good thing till you notice that you want to make calls but cannot do so because MTN has deducted from your airtime balance, to pay for your caller tune subscription. 

Because of this deduction and other reasons, so many people are searching for how to cancel MTN caller tune and we are here to help you with that. To make your airtime last for long without those unnecessary deductions.

Caller tune gets even more annoying when you don’t know that you have one, yet you are paying to maintain its subscription. So we are going to talk about how you can cancel MTN caller tune, keep reading to find out.

Why do people activate caller tune

Some people believe in entertaining their callers at all times as that may make the caller want to call you again. No one runs away from entertainment, so they may want to call again next time, just to listen to your caller’s tune.

Caller tune makes people appear cool and fun too. Can you imagine calling a total stranger and you are hearing your favorite song? Unconsciously, you will feel good about the person you are calling, even though you have never met the person. I bet we all want to appear cool and fun.

Caller tune can be customized to send a message to the callers. This is very common among religious people, who sometimes set sermons as their caller tune. They see the caller’s tune as an avenue to pass a message across to people in society. 

Why people are looking for how to cancel MTN caller tune

If the caller tune is as cool as we have described it then why are so many people looking for how to cancel MTN caller tune? 

First of all, the MTN caller tune is not free, you will have to pay #50 for it every month or #20 every week. This amount may be too big for some people to pay for something they never get to enjoy. They are just paying for another person to enjoy the music. 

They find it unnecessary. Lots of people are finding it difficult to understand why others activate caller tune. To them, the conventional sound their callers hear when their calls go through is enough for them. So spending little money on caller tune is a total waste of money for this set of people.

While others do not even know that they have an active caller tune. The day they get to find out, they will look for how to cancel MTN caller tune. For this set of people, they just notice the deduction but they can’t tell what the deductions are for. So you can imagine how happy they will be to finally learn how to cancel MTN caller tune subscription that has been deducting their airtime. 

How to cancel MTN caller tune

There are several ways you can cancel MTN caller tune. In no particular order, they are;

  • Calling the customer care 
  • Through USSD code
  •  Through SMS
  • Connect with MTN on social media 
Call the customer care

You can call the MTN customer care line on virtually any issue concerning your sim card. That includes issues with caller tune. Lots of MTN users call customer care to complain about unnecessary deductions, this may be as a result of one hidden subscription or the other. 

The customer care representative will be more than happy to help you with details on how to cancel MTN caller tune subscriptions. On the other hand, they can just help you to cancel it from their end.

Through USSD Code 

To use the USSD code, go to your phone app (where you make calls) and dial *123*10#, and send. This will automatically cancel your subscription to MTN caller tune. 

Through SMS

You can do this by following these guidelines;

  • Go to your message app
  • Type ‘STOP’ 
  • Send to ‘4100’
  • You will receive a message, confirming that you have canceled your caller tune subscription. 
  • On the other hand, you can type ‘CANCEL’ and send it to ‘4100’. Your caller tune will be deactivated immediately.
Connect with MTN on Social Media

MTN has an official account on social media, you can reach out to them there and they will be happy to help you cancel it or guide you on how to cancel your MTN caller tune subscription. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I cancel caller tune on MTN?

The USSD code to cancel MTN caller tune is *123*10#. Or just simply text ‘CANCEL’ or ‘STOP’ to 4100 and MTN will cancel your caller tune subscription immediately.

Final thought 

While some people enjoy activating caller tune, it is unnecessary for so many people. If you are among the latter group, follow the guidelines we have provided above on how to cancel MTN caller tune subscription and MTN will stop deducting your airtime. 

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