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How to Browse with Airtime on MTN

Got a lot of credits on your line and would like to know how to browse with airtime on MTN?

MTN PAYU, which stands for “pay as you use,” is an MTN service that allows its users to browse with airtime instead of mobile data.

I believe there are times when you have a lot of airtime on your mobile line but no mobile data. You would love it if you could browse with it directly instead of buying a data bundle with it, right? That’s what MTN PayU does. You can just start browsing with your airtime by dialing a few codes.

This service is still unknown to many, maybe because there’s not enough advertisement from MTN on the service. However, lots of people who are informed have been enjoying this great service.

You did want to know how much it costs as well as how it works; yes, I’ll explain. Here’s how it works:

Once you’ve activated MTN PayU on your MTN line, you can start browsing the Internet with it. MTN will start charging your line ₦3.38 per megabyte used.

In this post, I’ll be showing you how to browse with airtime on MTN, which will involve the steps to activate it, how to opt out, and other useful information concerning MTN PayU. Read on. 

How To Stop Browsing With Airtime On MTN

Learning how to browse with airtime on MTN is not enough. You also need to know how to opt out when you feel you are no longer enjoying the services and would like to go back to your old method of buying data bundles to browse the Internet. 

The downside of MTN PayU is that you might just want to try it for the first time; maybe you don’t have enough airtime to buy a bundle, but since you can browse the Internet for as little as ₦3.38 per MB with it. Then, the next time you don’t want to use it, probably on your next recharge, if you don’t opt out, it continues to renew automatically until you opt out. Here’s how to stop browsing with data on MTN:

Simply dial *305# and follow the prompts.

It will immediately stop the service. 

How To Browse With MTN Airtime Bonus

Since it’s possible to browse with airtime on MTN, you might want to know how to browse with MTN airtime bonuses as well.

Now, the truth is, MTN only allows you to use the service with your purchased airtime. So, it’s not possible to browse with airtime bonus on MTN. The service is not yet available, but once MTN makes that possible, I will be among the first to post it. 

How To Browse With Airtime On MTN Pulse

If you wish to know if browsing with airtime on MTN is limited to a particular tariff plan, I have an answer for you. If you also want to know how to browse with airtime on MTN with the MTN pulse tariff, well, sorry to disappoint you, there’s actually no different way of browsing with airtime on MTN. 

It’s still the same code for all tariff plans and the same way to opt out. Generally, it’s a service for all MTN users and is not limited to any particular tariff plan or even how long you’ve been on the network. Keep reading to find out how to browse with airtime on MTN. 

How To Browse Using Airtime On MTN

Now, let’s talk about the main topic of this topic, which is how to browse with airtime on MTN. The process is very simple and straightforward.

Before you activate this service, pay attention to this.

First, you need to have enough airtime to really enjoy this service. Then, you should note that it automatically renews itself as soon as you purchase new airtime. If later you wish to discontinue, just follow the steps I explained in this post to opt out.

Here’s how to activate browsing with airtime on MTN:

  • Simply dial *312*200#.
  • You’ll receive an SMS from MTN immediately, which will tell you that you can now start browsing the Internet with N3.38 per MB. 
  • To opt out later, dial *312*201#

FAQ On MTN Airtime

Bottom Line

MTN PayU is a service that is aimed at helping people save data costs and browse with their airtime instead. With as little as N3.38 you can browse the Internet. So, it is definitely a cheap service, but in the long run, it might appear to be more expensive than paying for a data subscription.

However, the good side of it is that you can get the list of data with it if you can’t afford a data bundle subscription. The service is available to both new and existing customers. 

I believe you now know how to browse with airtime on MTN. Visit again for more useful information.

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