How to Borrow Data from MTN Line: New codes

how to borrow data from mtn

Are you a new customer looking to learn how to borrow data from MTN? If yes, this post has all the information you need about borrowing data from MTN.

MTN Nigeria has actually made it easy for people to stay connected on the Internet even when their data gets exhausted. XtraByte is actually an MTN service that allows you to borrow data by just dialing a simple code.

How To Borrow Data From MTN

For you to be allowed to start borrowing data from MTN as a new customer, you must have been an active customer, recharging your MTN line regularly with a minimum of N200 for 3 months. After 3 months, you should able to start borrowing both data and airtime from MTN. 

Note that any amount of data borrowed comes with a service charge of 15%, which will be deducted from your next airtime recharge. To borrow data on MTN, simply dial *303*5# and select your preferred bundle.

How To Borrow Data From MTN Without Paying Back

There’s actually two ways you can borrow data from MTN without paying it back. The two ways:

Buying From VTU Website/Data Vendor 

If you borrowed data with your MTN sim but don’t want to pay soon, what you have to do is start purchasing SME data, which you can buy on VTU apps or from a data vendor. Your data will be sent to you regardless of your pending debt. 

Get A New SIM Card

Getting a new SIM card is another way you can borrow data from MTN without paying it back. If you borrowed it with a SIM card you no longer use, it’s much better. If you borrowed up to 10 GB of data on your MTN line, that might be quite expensive to pay back, especially if you are not too stable financially. 

So, considering this alternative to not paying back is what you can go for. This is because each time you load the tiniest amount of airtime on your line, you are automatically paying it back, and the airtime you bought will be of no use to you. 

The downside of getting a new sim card because you borrowed data from MTN and were unable to pay it back is that you’ll be starting over again with a new number, and some important people that have your contact may find it difficult to reach you. 

How To Borrow Data From MTN Without Using *606#

Most people are used to borrowing airtime or data by dialing *606#. However, *606# no longer works on MTN. There’s a new code to borrow data from MTN without dialing *606#.

There are actually four other ways to borrow data from MTN. 

By Dialing *303#

To borrow data from MTN using this code, here’s how it’s done:

  • Dial *303# on your phone.
  • Select 5 from the options displayed.
  • Now, select option 2.
  • Choose the amount of data you would like to purchase from your eligibility list.

Borrow Data Via 303 IVR

Here’s how to borrow data from MTN via 606 IVR:

  • Call 303 on your phone.
  • Follow the audio instructions
  • Select your preferred language option
  • You were asked if it was airtime or data you wanted to buy
  • Choose the data by pressing the number used to represent it
  • Now, make your decision by choosing your preferred data bundle.

Using MyMTN App

The fourth way on how to borrow data from MTN without using *606# is by borrowing via MyMTN app. You can easily borrow data from MTN by using the  app. If you don’t have it installed on your phone, go to the Play Store, install it, and sign up with your phone number. 

How To Borrow Data From MTN When You Are Still Owing

How to borrow data from MTN when you still owe is another update many MTN users want to know about.

Actually, this is only possible for old MTN customers. A new user who has only been granted access to borrow data cannot borrow while they are still owing until their eligibility status increases. 

You can dial *303# to check your Xtrabyte eligibility status. If you continue to borrow less than your maximum eligibility, you are still allowed to borrow again until you reach your maximum eligibility. 


How To Reverse Borrowed Data On MTN

It’s a common thing that happens to some people when they borrow data and suddenly see no need for it again, maybe when an alternative has been provided. You wanted to know if you could reverse the purchase of an unused data bundle so as to avoid owing MTN, right?

Actually, there is no way you can reverse data borrowed from MTN or even other lines in Nigeria. Probably, in years to come, the feature will be made available.

Bottom Line

MTN XtraByte is one great initiative by MTN that tends to keep users connected to the Internet even after they’ve exhausted their purchased data.

They can easily borrow data by dialing a simple code or via MyMtn app and pay it back on their next airtime recharge. Hope you now know how to borrow data from MTN. I hope you visit again for more useful updates. 

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