How to Borrow Data from 9mobile Without Paying Back

how to borrow data from 9mobile

Are you looking for how to borrow data from 9mobile? There was a time when borrowing from 9mobile was an impossible task, but not anymore. All the new and old 9mobile subscribers can now borrow data from their network provider to pay back later. 

9mobile knows that we are in the digital age, where we do lots of things online. So without data, lots of people would not achieve much on a daily basis. This is why 9mobile Nigeria has provided a USSD code to help people that are looking for how to borrow credit on 9mobile or how to borrow data on 9mobile to stay online even when they cannot buy data at the moment. 

How to borrow data from 9mobile 

9mobile has a plan that gives every of its user access to borrowing data from it and pays back later, this plan is called MoreCredit. Although 9mobile has made it possible for all its subscribers to borrow credit from them, it’s not everyone eligible to borrow from it. to qualify or become eligible to borrow data from 9mobile, you must meet the following criterion;

You have to recharge your 9mobile line with at least #1,000 every month

There should not be any outstanding loan that you are yet to pay on your line. Meaning that you have to pay back all borrowed amounts before you can be allowed to borrow again. 

Your 9mobile line must be linked to NIN. We know that 9mobile still allows its subscribers that are yet to link their line to NIN to receive calls, but they cannot make calls or borrow data from 9mobile.

You can also check to see if you are qualified for the 9mobile MoreCredit service by dialing *665#, send it and your eligibility status will be sent to you.

You can also check your eligibility through SMS. To do this, go to your messaging app and type ‘STATUS’ as a message, and send it to 665. Your eligibility status will be sent to you immediately.

How to borrow from 9mobile without paying back

Let’s talk about how to borrow data from 9mobile without paying back. For those of you that have been asking yourself “How do I borrow credit from 9mobile without paying back?” The question is, will 9mobile Nigeria allow you to borrow credit or data from them without paying back?

9mobile is surely not going to visit you to collect the payment but it will deduct it from your next recharge. And even though you only received 85% of the amount you borrowed, you will be paying 100% of it.

9mobile borrow data code

When you are done checking for your eligibility for the 9mobile MoreCredit service, then you can use the 9mobile USSD code that 9mobile Nigeria has provided for its subscribers that are looking for how to borrow data from 9mobile or how to borrow airtime from 9mobile.

But before we dive into how to borrow data from 9mobile, we want you to know that you cannot borrow data directly from 9mobile. You will have to borrow credit from 9mobile and then use it to buy a data bundle.

Also, note that only 85% of the borrowed amount will be released to you. The rest of the amount borrowed will be withheld as a service charge. So for every amount you borrow, 15% will be deducted from it, as a service charge.

To borrow credit from 9mobile, dial *665#, and send. You can borrow from N50 to N2,000 and then use the borrowed airtime to buy a data bundle. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the shortcode to borrow data from Etisalat?

The short USSD code to borrow from Etisalat, now known as 9mobile is *665#. Or you can dial *665*amount# to borrow the amount you want directly without wasting time. 

Final thought

We have talked about how to borrow data from 9mobile. We have used these methods and seen how they work. So feel free to try them too. When 9mobile Nigeria releases another means of borrowing from it this year, 2023, we will update this post immediately.

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