How to activate Glo sim in Nigeria

How to Activate Glo Sim in Nigeria

Are you a Glo user that is looking for how to activate Glo sim? You have just landed on the right page because we are going to be talking about all the ways you can activate your Glo sim. 

Globacom Nigeria can decide to deactivate some Glo lines because of one reason or the other. Sometimes, it could be a request from the owner of the Glo line based on theft or misplacement. Or Globacom Nigeria may deactivate a line after so long of being inactive. 

If your Glo line is one of those that have been deactivated. Or you just bought a new Glo sim and you are wondering how to activate it. Keep reading to find out.

How to activate Glo sim

In this article, we are going to be sharing all the methods we have used to activate our Glo sim in the past. So if you want to know how to activate Glo sim, keep reading to find out.

The most popular method of activating Glo sim is by visiting Glo office close to you. But before you proceed to any Glo office, ensure that you have the following items with you;

  • A means of identification. It could be a voter’s card, national identity card, or driving license.
  • Your sim pack, which is to serve as evidence that the sim belongs to you. In case you can’t find your sim pack, go can go and get an affidavit of ownership on your sim. To prove that the sim is yours.
  • 5 numbers on your contact that you call frequently
  • Recharge card of at least N100 

When you get to the Glo office, provide them with all the necessary information they need to activate your sim again. 

How to activate my Glo sim online

We are aware that you want to know how to activate Glo sim online. Because it would probably be very easy to do so from your comfort zone. But there is no way for you to do this online.

To activate a Glo sim that has been deactivated, you need to visit a Glo office physically. 

How to activate Glo sim with NIN

If your Glo line has been deactivated because of NIN, then this tip on how to activate Glo sim with NIN is meant for you. Get your NIN card. Open your phone app and dial *109*11-digit NIN#, and send it. Your Glo sim will be unbarred from making calls. 

How to activate Glo new sim

For those Glo users that are not just here to learn how to activate Glo sim that was deactivated, but also here to learn how to activate a new Glo sim. We are going to dive into how to activate new Glo sims, so read on to find out how to activate your new Glo sim. 

  1. First of all, go and register your new sim card before any other thing and recharge your phone with at least N100.
  2. Open your phone app and dial 125. Send it with your new Glo sim card. You will hear a voice welcoming you to Globacom, that is a confirmation that your new sim card is active. 

But if your sim registration was not successful, there is no way your sim will be activated. So instead of hearing a voice that is welcoming you to Globacom, you will hear a voice telling you to go and register your Glo sim. 

Why is my Glo sim deactivated?

You are searching for how to activate Glo sim because you need to activate your Glo line. But have you ever wondered why Globacom Nigeria deactivated your sim card? At least, when you know the reason why your line was deactivated, you will know how to avoid such again. 

The reason why your Glo sim was activated may be because of the following reasons;

  • You have not been using the sim card for a long time.
  • You provided details that are suspicious during sim registration
  • You have registered too many sim cards. Or your details have been used to register too many Sims
  • When your sim card is linked with criminal activity like fraud
  • Your sim card has expired 
  • Failure to activate your sim within the first 24 hours after sim registration by not recharging your sim with a minimum of N100. 
  • On the other hand, you can request for your line to be deactivated. Especially for security reasons.

How to know if my Glo sim is deactivated

Now that we have finished with how to activate Glo sim, you don’t have to apply any of these tips that we have provided here if your Glo line has not been deactivated. Before you go through the stress of visiting a Glo outlet based on suspicions. Confirm that your Glo line has been deactivated before going through the stress of trying to activate a sim. To confirm it your sim has been deactivated or not, check for these signs

  • Inability to make calls with your Glo sim
  • Surfing the internet will be a lot more difficult
  • Some important USSD codes will no longer function on your Glo line
  • Inability to get bonuses, even the ones that you know you are qualified for. 


Whether you are looking for how to activate Glo sim after it has been deactivated, or you want to activate a new Glo line. We have shared all the information you need to do that here. If you have any questions regarding this topic or any other one related to your sim card. Please don’t hesitate to drop it in the comment section and we will be more than happy to answer all your questions. 

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